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Cristiano camatel

I come from Roncade (Treviso) and am a trained geologist from Padua. In 2014, I had the good fortune of undertaking an internship at Edison Norge in Stavanger, which proved to be pivotal for my master's thesis in Geology and Technical Geology. The following year, I relocated to Norway where I joined Cegal for the development and sales of energy industry software.

IKIS provides a glimpse of Italy to the Norwegian culture, and as a result, I have been a board member since 2017, serving as treasurer from 2020 to 2022. I was elected as the president of the board in 2023.


Kirsten M. Myklebust

I have around 40 years of experience from the media and communications industry. I have worked as a reporter and editor in various local newspapers and have also worked as a communications adviser at Statoil/now Equinor. I retired in September 2023.  


My first trip to Italy was i 2014 and it was love at first sight. After several years of house hunting, we have bought an apartment in Lazio, close to Rome, and we love it!

I have been a member of the board since 2020.


Vice President

Gianluca Monachese

I was born in Foggia (Puglia), and after a five-year experience in England, I moved to Stavanger in January 1999. I am educated in Geology and completed a Master's in Informatics applied to earth science, at the British Geological Survey.


In 2002, I formed the company Kadme with my Norwegian wife, where I work as a board member and I am responsible for business development. 

I have been an IKIS board member since 2009, and was president for seven years, until 2020: during this period I contributed to association development from 20 to more than 100 members, and association budget consolidation at the current level.

From 2023 I hold the posision as treasurer of the board.



Giuseppe Di Pinto

I was born in Trani (Puglia), geomorphologist and have lived in Stavanger since summer 2012.  I have worked as a GIS Specialist in the oil industry, production- and exploration.

Since I came to Stavanger, I have been an IKIS member and collaborate in the many activities as president from 2020 -2023 and now as a board member.


I believe that IKIS is like a bridge between Italian and Norwegian society, and not least "a house for Italians in Stavanger".

Since 2015 I have been an advisor to Comites Oslo, to the Italian AIRE members in Rogaland.


Board Member

Runar Østebø

I have many years of experience from the oil, gas and energy industry. I have worked in a research institution and an international consultancy firm, and for the last 30 years across Equinor's (before Statoil) national and international operations within technology and operations. Has, among other things, global responsibility in the energy industry's ISO standardization.


Like many Norwegians, I have a warm relationship with Italy, strengthened after I learned a new language (Italian) 15 years ago. Italy is regularly visited in the winter on slalom (also with my daughters), and in the summer with mountain trips, cycling or sailing trips in fantastic nature, and where culture and local food and wine are enjoyed. Italian and Norwegian coasts and mountains have their common features. In my free time in the Stavanger region, I find relaxation with hiking, roller skiing, rowing and "green sports" in the garden. I also appreciate Italian music, art, design and architecture, even in my own house.

I have been a member of the board since 2023.


Board Member

Eugenio Facchini

I was born in Bologna and of clear rossoblu football faith, I have lived in Stavanger since the summer of 2017 with my wife Lara and our two children (the last born here). After a degree in economics and finance, and a master's degree in sales and marketing, I had the opportunity to develop the Norwegian market for Rothoblaas, a leading company in the South Tyrolean wood construction sector and specialized in particular in technical solutions for solid wood.

I love mushrooms, skiing, learning to windsurf, and of course traveling.

Ikis allows me to share moments with friends and people who care about Italian culture, trying to convey and enhance the wonderful things our cultural heritage has to offer.


Board Member

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