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Terms and Conditions

The parties

The seller is ITALIENSK KULTURFORENING I STAVANGER, contact @mail, telephone 4866 5873, organisation number 991833080, and is hereinafter referred to as the seller/seller.

The buyer is the consumer who makes the order, and is referred to in the following as the buyer/buyer

The payment

The seller can demand payment for the item from the time it is sent from the seller to the buyer.

If the buyer uses a credit or debit card for payment, the seller can reserve the purchase price on the card when ordering. The card is charged on the same day the item is sent.

When paying by invoice, the invoice is issued to the buyer when the goods are dispatched. The payment deadline appears on the invoice and is a minimum of 14 days from receipt.

Buyers under the age of 18 cannot pay with a subsequent invoice. Payment can be made using Vipps (#94817), PayPal or by doing a bank transfer to IKIS bank account number 3201 6492 387 IBAN: NO84 3201 6492 387 BIC (SWIFT) SPRONO22


Membership will be active the moment the payment has been received. The service will be delivered by ITALIENSK KULTURFORENING I STAVANGER at the time and date of the event has been planned

Right of withdrawal

ITALIENSK KULTURFORENING I STAVANGER membership has 14 days right of withdrawal. Tickets to events exempt from the right of withdrawal

Rights for complaints

If there is any complaints the buyer should contact 

Conflict resolution

Complaints must be addressed to the seller within a reasonable time. The parties must try to resolve any disputes amicably. If this is not successful, the buyer can contact the Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority for mediation. Forbrukertilsynet is available on phone 23 400 600 or 

Termination of "fixed payments"

Memberships to ITALIENSK KULTURFORENING I STAVANGER valid for 12 months from the subscription date. Membership can be terminated with a mail to 

Cancellation / rebooking

Contact for cancellation and/or rebooking

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