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Past events

Regional Night

Interested in Italian food, wine and culture?

Curious about everything Italy has to offer?

Every autumn we organize our regional event, which is the highlight of the year for many. Over the last ten years, we have demonstrated what Veneto, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, just to name a few, have to offer.

In September 2023, Trentino Alto Aldige was on the menu.

That was the evening! Take a look at the photos, and remember to register when the regional event is coming up.

H - Ikis

During the years of the pandemic, we had to think creatively about the activities we could organize.

It became H-Ikis, trips out into the beautiful nature we have in the area. One of our former board members took responsibility for arranging relevant trips that everyone could participate in.

Thanks for the tours, Francesco Sanfillipo!

We hope that we can start H-Ikis again in 2024.


New to Stavanger?

IKIS gives you a short introduction to your new place of study or residence, and as usual we treat you to pizza.

Our first introduction evening took place in September 2023.

Here we invited a number of speakers so that newcomers could get a good start.


We repeat the "performance" in August 2024, so that the Erasmus students from Italy who will study at UIS, and you other newcomers, get a good start in the autumn!

Language Exchange

In the spring of 2023, we started a completely new offer.


Language exchange once a month in nice premises at Sølvberget, Stavanger Library and cultural center.


Those who want to speak Italian and Norwegian meet here, and we treat ourselves to pizza.

Italian Kulturkafée

For many years, IKIS has contributed to spreading the joy of Italian food through the Kulturkafeen, as it is now called. It used to be located in Brødregata, but now it has been moved to Sølvberget, Stavanger Library and Cultural Center.

At Kulturkaféen you can taste dishes with roots from all over the world. Stavanger's cultural associations and organizations are hosts.

Food is served at reasonable prices every second Saturday from 12-16 on the 1st floor, the common room.